Watching Working from Home: Part 1

ALERT!!!! We had a lot of fun making this video but we covered some topics we're passionate about so in a couple patches the language gets a little rough. There's a normal amount of cursing but I do manage to slip up and drop an F-bomb once. So if you're offended easily then perhaps you should skip this one. I try not to do that, but sometimes it happens. Anyway, this one is a great time where we talk about the use of DBs in various customer service companies and how nobody uses them to their fullest. As well we also talk about office dress codes, hot chicks, and other stuff. Our daughter makes an appearance as well. So yeah, big fun.


Author: Sean McCown and Jennifer McCown

Filmed: 9/30/2009

Length: 17:20 minutes

Size: 69,911 KB

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