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Welcome to MidnightDBA.com! Here is the place we put our free technology tutorials. We cover various aspects of SQL Server and PowerShell, and whatever else strikes our fancy. You’ll also find recordings of our classes – we speak at user groups and conferences internationally – and of our live weekly IT webshow, DBAs@Midnight. As long as you’re here, check out our blogs, and our other sites: we review books and products on ITBookworm.com, and we offer our career workshop for sale at DBARoadmap.com

Our Latest Videos

Move DBs with Regex

Filmed: 9/2/2014

Length: 00:10:55 minutes

Use the power of Regex to format move statements for hundreds of DB files all at once. This will not only standardize your processes, but make them much more stable as well. This blog post has the demo code: Demo Code

Click here to watch the video!
Click here to download the video!

Change Excel Delimiter

Filmed: 8/16/2014

Length: 00:04:40 minutes

Here I'm going to show you how to changed the delimiter when you output Excel data to a CSV. By default you can only use a comma as a delimiter, and changing it isn't obvious. This isn't the kind of thing that comes in handy very often, but when it does you'll love knowing this trick.

Click here to watch the video!
Click here to download the video!